Amazon Retailer Review

Today the world has become pocket sized as technology and connectivity have evolved. People are accessible to the products available worldwide and also manufacturers can present their products in front of the world market. This has not only boosted the sales but also introduced a very healthy competition among the corporates to present the cheap and best products among the consumers. Amazon is one of the biggest names among the electronic commerce companies. Amazon is an American based company, started on a very small scale and emerged as one of the giants of the “Wall Street”. It has built its name from many years of excellent customer service and developed a huge trust among its customers. A wide army of satisfied customers, which prefers Amazon for its best prices and excellent delivery service has become a permanent customer of Amazon.


1. Provides best customer support.
2. Presents a global market.
3. Have an accurate and quick delivery system.
4. Provides cash on delivery option which increased the trust as unknown customers can pay money after successfully delivering the product.
5. Resolves customers complaints on an urgent basis and doesn’t hesitate to provide refund or replacement, if any defective product is delivered by mistake.
6. From smallest pins to the larger furniture it proved to be one shop destination for all type of needs.
7. Proved to be a cheap and best outlet for vendors from remote areas and reduced the huge commissions involved, which ultimately lead to increase in the price of the product.
8. Provided employment to a huge mass in many countries.


1. Due to human error and heavy workload sometimes lead to delivery of some defective products which could be embarrassing for someone.
2. Sometimes couldn’t make it on time and the product becomes useless for the customer. ex: – If a person have a wedding today and his ring reaches the next day then it becomes useless and needs to return it ultimately.
3. Sometimes couldn’t handle a heavy traffic on the website as a result of heavy discounts when offered. Which leaves some disappointed customers behind.
4. Some local courier service providers in contract with Amazon can act rude ultimately results in spoiling the name of Amazon only.


But on a final side, it has more benefits than its deficiencies, which make it a very good deal. There are many e-commerce websites emerging in many countries nowadays but no one is able to match the quality of Amazon till date. So I personally suggest Amazon as my favorite shopping destination for all global products and encourage you to try it if not tried for it yet.